OneNote Online

The objective of this course is to give you a good understanding of what Office365 includes and how you can become more efficient and easily access your files and working tools. You will get an introduction to OneNote Online.

Odyssey’s Office e-learning is efficient and accessible. The goal of this e-learning is to save time for you by providing quick support while increasing expertise via accessible training.

E-learning in Office 2016 and Windows 10 includes 220 short, easy-to-understand instructional videos that support the user while working and provide knowledge when the motivation level is at its highest. It is suitable when transitioning to new Office 2016 and Windows 10, for supporting daily work, and to develop and verify user skills in the Office suite.

Create a new notebook
Open an existing notebook in OneNote Online
Insert and move placeholders for texts and other objects
Insert text notes and tables
Insert picture
Add sections and pages to the notebook
Tag notes and pages
Copy and paste
Author and page versions
Share notes and co-edit the same notebook
Local app and synchronization

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  • Office 365


  • 14 videos

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Microsoft Office 2016 + Office 365 $49/year